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  Australian Govt - Dept of Health and Ageing - termite protection - available treatment and hazard information about termiticides - how buildings can be protected against termites - physical barriers - chemical barriers - termite baits - treatment of infestations.
ACT Govt - Dept of Environment - pest control chemicals - health, safety and the environment - safe handling of pesticides.
ACT Govt - Dept of Environment - Termites in the Canberra Region.
NSW Govt - Dept of Fair Trading - Booklet - Protect Your Home from Termites - termite control and protection options for homeowner.
NSW Govt - Environment Protection Agency - Industry guidelines - Pesticide Record Keeping fact sheets for pest controllers.
NSW Govt - Environment Protection Agency - Industry guidelines - Pesticide Record Keeping fact sheets for property managers.
VIC Govt - Dept of Health - Pest control treatments and your health - Government control on safe use of pesticides - precautions to take when pesticides are used in the home.
Bayer Premise Termite Elimination - brochure - Premise termite control product.
CSIRO Australia - About termites and wood borers - including tips on control, treatment and prevention.
CHOICE Magazine - Oct 2005 - for a 5 page article on termites - consumer protection advice - selecting a professional pest control company - Australian termite control methods - chemical soil treatments - termite baiting - physical barriers - industry Associations.
Kordon - Physical Termite Barrier - product installation manual - Kordon termite barrier - manufactured by Bayer - used by Builders - installed during construction.
AS 3660 - Termite Management Australian Standard: Click here to purchase.
National Association of Forest Industries, Australia (revised 2004) - Protecting Buildings from Subterranean Termites - introduction - termite colony - distribution of termites in Australia - building legislation - AS 3660 - protection against termite infestation - suspended timber floors - ant caps - termite resistant timbers - physical termite barriers during construction - options for managing termite risk - inspection and maintenance recommendations.

Links to USA & Canadian Pest Control Websites

University of Nebraska - For a series of articles / photo gallery - highly recommended - links to 14 excellent articles and photo gallery compiled by the research staff at University of Nebraska - excellent section on termite baits vs chemical soil barriers.
Florida Dept of Consumer Services - Termite Protection of Buildings Advice - handy tips on what can a home-owner can do to protect against termites.
University of California - Pest Management Guidelines - termites - their identification, biology and prevention using chemical soil barriers and termite colony baiting systems.
University of Florida - Subterranean Termites & their control - includes some excellent pictures of termites and information on termite life cycle, biology and recommended control measures.
University of Kentucky - Answers on Termite Control for the Home-Owner - explore a list of answers to common questions home-owners ask about termites and termite control from the termite research group of the University of Kentucky.
University of Toronto - Termites and Termite Control Methods - a large reference site on termites, their biology and available control methods - ideal for students, researchers and home-owners seeking detailed information.
US Environmental Protection Agency - Citizen's Guide to Pest Control and Pesticide Safety.
Ohio State University - Termites: How to Reduce Your Home's Risk of Infestation: Notes on practical measures the home-owner can carry out around their home in order to reduce the risk of subterranean termite infestations.
Florida Dept of Consumer Services - Termite Protection Advice: Handy tips on what can a home-owner can do to protect against termites; together with consumer protection advice on termite service contracts and warranties.
National Termite Survey in USA: Conducted by the New Orleans Mosquito & Termite Control Board on USA distribution of native and introduced species of destructive termites.
Oregon State University - Termite Pictures: Recommended for some interesting pictures and drawings of subterranean termites, their mud-tunnel gallery structure and resultant timber damage.
Mike Dukes Termite MD - Complete Home Owner Guide: Considering treating your home for the prevention of, or the eradication of a colony of sub-terranean termites? Find help here.
International Pest Control: A Bi-Monthly publication dealing with all aspects of worldwide pest prevention and eradication - termite information and advice from a leading home improvement advisory website.
About FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control ... our credentials
Same family Busines Since 1964 FUMAPEST is a second generation family business. After more than 50 years as pest control specialists, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience, unmatched by our competitors.
BUSINESS ENTERPRISE AWARD FUMAPEST Pest Control received a Business Enterprise Award in 1984 from the NSW Govt Office of Small Business & Qantas for our EcoSafe Pest Control system and staff training programs.
APCA Consumer Advice FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control is a major sponsor of the Australian Pest Control Association; assists APCA Secretariat in the provision of professional advice to consumers with pest control problems; pesticide safety issues and pest control training courses available in NSW.
Industry stewardship FUMAPEST Managing Director served as a Member of NSW Govt Pest Control Licensing Board for 8 years and Standards Australia Termite Control Committees AS.3660 & AS.4349.
APCA ... for Your Protection

Commercial Food Handling Premises FUMAPEST is compliant with HACCP & AQIS Requirements for commercial food handling premises restaurants cafes hotels motels hospitals child care centres nursing homes retirement villages churches schools colleges universities race-horse stables veterinary clinics and other sensitive environments.
Fully insured - excellent track record FUMAPEST Pest Control has public liability and professional indemnity insurance to cover claims personal injury and faulty workmanship includes repairs for subsequent termite damage to buildings up to $10 million and $1 million respectively FUMAPEST has not made an insurance claim related to termite problems for more than 20 years.
Professional technicians FUMAPEST Pest Control Training Program regularly assesses technician skills in use of latest generation products all termite control technicians have APCA or TAFE Pest Control Certificate NSW Govt WorkCover Pest Control Licence and many years field-work experience in termite control.
Setting the Standard in an industry many fly-by-night operators, FUMAPEST Pest Control stands out as a well established pest control business with an excellent reputation in the market-place. Be careful in selecting a pest controller it's far too easy to get a pest control licence and start up a pest control business in NSW with little knowledge or experience ... more details
FUMAPEST Spider Identification Chart • Spiders in Canterbury Council region
  FUMAPEST Spider Identification Chart with FIRST AID spider bite procedures - a ready reference guide in full colour of dangerous and venomous spiders in the Canterbury region.
Spiders featured in the Spider Chart Sydney funnel web spider red-back spider white-tail spider black house spider wolf spider mouse spider trap-door spider huntsman spider orb-weaver spider.
CLICK to view and print the FUMAPEST Spider Chart
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