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FUMAPEST Advice on Pest Control of Timber Borers
  Professional Pest Control in the Inner West Sydney NSW Region  
Timber borers can be real pests ....
  A variety of borers will attack a range of timbers, such as (1) borers found in living trees or freshly felled timber (2) in moist timbers, and (3) borers which attack dry seasoned wood, such as, timber flooring, structural and decorative timbers, and furniture, whereby steadily increasing intensity of infestation may occur.
Borers are a major pest species of certain expensive timbers in a building. For example, the common Anobium borer can severely damage Baltic pine timber flooring and furniture.
LIFE-CYCLE: An adult female borer beetle will lay her eggs within susceptible timbers. The eggs hatch into a grub (larvae), which will feed on the starch content of the timber. The borer larvae will readily eat along the timber grain, creating a network of tunnels.
When the larvae is fully-grown, it will pupate sometimes over a long period of time to become an adult beetle, which exits the timber through a hole made in the timber surface. The emerging female adult will lay her eggs, and the life-cycle goes on intensifying the infestation and damage.
IDENTIFICATION: The size of the exit holes and texture of the dust (frass) emitted, will enable a pest control expert to identify the species of timber borer and therefore it's potential to cause damage to susceptible timbers.
Anobium borers attack Furniture or Baltic Pine Flooring
  Anobium Punctatun Lava Anobium Punctatum Anobium borers, also called Furniture Beetles or scientifically Anobium punctatum, can cause severe damage to Baltic pine timber flooring, particularly in older houses with damp flooring timbers caused by poor subfloor ventilation or moisture control.
Anobium borers are also often found in antique and other furniture of various timber types, sometimes years after the furniture has been acquired. You may first notice the small exit holes and accompanying dust emitted from the exit holes in the timber.
    Pest Control: Anobium borers in Baltic Pine Flooring  
  (1) in severe cases, the removal and replacement of all damaged and infested timber with highly resistant or chemically treated timbers or particle board, which can be a very expensive undertaking. Improvements in subfloor ventilation may also be recommended.
(2) in slight or moderate infestations, the application of a registered insecticide to the underside of the flooring on an annual basis over a three year period to cover the life cycle of the Anobium borer.
We recommend the use of Permethrin insecticide due to its low toxicity profile and it's ability to penetrate into the timber grain. Permethrin is a based on the natural of the pyrethrum plant.
The Permethrin insecticide application will kill the adult beetle as it emerges from inside the timber, provided the beetle has contact with the treated surface. We recommend you contact a professional who has the equipment and technology to solve the problem.
    Pest Control: Anobium borers in Baltic Pine Furniture  
  It is essential that such furniture be fumigated in a special fumigation chamber. The fumigation gas used will penetrate the timber and kill all insect life therein. Most furniture and foodstuffs for import/export into/out of the country are fumigated in this way.
The cost of such fumigation is fairly inexpensive provided a fumigation chamber is near you, as the delivery costs are separate and usually paid for and organized by the furniture owner.
Borers holes found in living trees, fresh logs, moist timbers (not in a building) can be injected with an insecticide specifically registered for this purpose. Such products are available at the larger stores or garden product shops.
Lyctus borers - susceptible Hardwood Timbers
  Lyctus Borer Lava Lyctus Brunneus Borer Various State Governments have enacted a Timber Marketing Act, which prohibits timber being sold for use in buildings if it has more than 25% as sapwood content.
It is the sapwood portion of felled timber (logs) that is susceptible to attack and damage by the Lyctus borer, also called Powder Post Beetle or Lyctus brunneus.
Therefore, any damage from this borer to such timbers will be structurally insignificant. However, if the timber you purchased has Lyctus Borer damage it should be returned to the place of purchase and exchanged.
FUMAPEST Pest Control in Inner West Sydney region - Since 1964
SAME FAMILY BUSINESS - Since 1964 FUMAPEST is a second generation family business. After more than 50 years of providing pest control services in the Inner West Sydney regions, we have a valuable reputation in the marketplace and have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience, unmatched by our competitors.
BUSINESS ENTERPRISE AWARD FUMAPEST Pest Control received a Business Enterprise Award in 1984 from the NSW Govt Office of Small Business & Qantas for our EcoSafe Pest Control system and staff training programs.
APCA Member FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control is a member and major sponsor of the Australian Pest Control Association; we assist APCA in provision of professional advice to consumers with pest control problems; pesticide safety issues and pest control training courses available in NSW.
Industry stewardship FUMAPEST Managing Director served as a Member of NSW Govt Pest Control Licensing Board for 8 years and Standards Australia Termite Control Committees on Termite Control AS3660 & Termite Inspection Reports AS4349.
APCA ... for Your Protection

Commercial Food Handling Premises FUMAPEST is compliant with HACCP & AQIS Requirements for commercial food handling premises restaurants cafes hotels motels hospitals child care centres nursing homes retirement villages churches schools colleges universities race-horse stables veterinary clinics and other sensitive environments.
Fully insured - excellent track record FUMAPEST Pest Control has public liability and professional indemnity insurance to cover claims personal injury and faulty workmanship includes repairs for subsequent termite damage to buildings up to $10 million and $1 million respectively FUMAPEST has not made an insurance claim related to termite problems for more than 20 years.
Professional technicians FUMAPEST Pest Control Training Program regularly assesses technician skills in use of latest generation products all termite control technicians have APCA or TAFE Pest Control Certificate NSW Govt WorkCover Pest Control Licence and many years field-work experience in termite control.
Setting the Standard in an industry many fly-by-night operators, FUMAPEST Pest Control stands out as a well established pest control business with an excellent reputation in the market-place. Be careful in selecting a pest controller it's far too easy to get a pest control licence and start up a pest control business in NSW with little knowledge or experience ... more details
Find out how to protect Your Home from termites
  Termites are highly effective timber destroyers. Your home could have termites without you knowing it. Wht makes matters worse, home insurance does not cover the damage, which could amount to tens of thousands of dollars. RECOMMENDATION: Obtain a termite inspection documented report to assess the risk of infestation and cost of preventative measures.  
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  FUMAPEST Spider Identification Chart with FIRST AID spider bite procedures - a ready reference guide in full colour of dangerous and venomous spiders in the Marrickville region.
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