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  Food Act NSW complaince is critical for the reputation and survival of a health care business - hospitals, medical centres and other sensitive food handling and health care facilities.
Being fined and named on NSW Govt Food Act name and shame website can ruin a the reputation of a health care business. The bad publicity can be "forever" as details remain on the web - the media are to keen to "expose" the negligent offenders.
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Fumapest Commercial Pest Control - what we offer
  FUMAPEST Commercial Pest Control has the technology and systems to properly protect health care - hospitals - nursing homes and retirement villages other food handling premises from prosecution for pest infestations under the Food Act NSW and OH&S Act.
Integrity & Professionalism after more than 48 years as a family business specialising in commercial pest control Fumapest has an excellent reputation to protect and a wealth of knowledge and expertise unmatched by our competitors.
FREE inspection - written report - quotation - specifications - written report includes details on recommended safest pesticides suited to the circumstances, various non-chemical options, frequency of inspection and retreatment regime, and a pricing schedule and payment terms to suit your budget.
Fully warranted service with a 24 hour emergency response to a severe pest reinfestation during the service warranty period.
In most cases, Fumapest requires at least 24 hours notice (next working day) for a minor pest reinfestation during the service warranty period.
Fumapest Service Register is left on site to record treatment specifications, products to be used, related MSDS documentation, pest control services completed log, sightings of pest activity by upon Fumapest inspection or by occupants of the buildings and any recommendations for site-specific improvements.
Modern equipment and vehicles - clean pest control equipment and motor vehicle - full range of equipment - tamper resistant bait stations.
Professionally trained - WorkCover licensed bpest control technicians being holders of TAFE Pest Control Certificate and with several years experience in practical pest control.
About FUMAPEST Commercial Pest Control Services
  Same Family Business Since 1964 FUMAPEST Pest Control is a second generation family business. After more than 50 years as commercial pest control specialists in the local region, we have has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience unmatched by our competitors.
Award Winner FUMAPEST Pest Control received a Business Enterprise Award from the NSW Govt Office of Small Business - for our EcoSafe pest control technologies and on-going staff training program.
APCA Member FUMAPEST Pest Control is a member and major sponsor of the Australian Pest Control Association; we assist APCA in provision of professional advice to consumers with pest control problems; pesticide safety issues and pest control training courses available in NSW.

Industry Stewardship A FUMAPEST Director served as a member of NSW Govt Pest Control Licensing Board and the Standards Australia Termite Control Committees AS.3660 and Termite Inspection Reports AS.4349.

Fully insured - excellent track record - FUMAPEST Commercial Pest Control has public liability and professional indemnity insurance to cover claims for personal injury and faulty workmanship of $10m and $1m respectively.
APCA ... for Your Protection

HACCP Quality Assured: FUMAPEST Commercial Pest Control is compliant with HACCP requirements for sensitive food handling premises, such as, hospitals, medical centres, child care centres and nursing homes.
Professional technicians FUMAPEST Pest Control Training Program regularly assesses Pest Control technician skills and performance in the use of the latest generation products. All technicians possess Pest Control Cert.3 and NSW Govt WorkCover Pest Control Licence.
Setting the Standard in an industry with many fly-by-night operators FUMAPEST Commercial Pest Control stands out as a well established NSW pest control business with an excellent reputation in the market-place.
BE CAREFUL in Selecting a Pest Controller - it's far too easy to get a commercial pest control licence and start up a pest control business in NSW with little knowledge or experience in safe effective pest control -. more details.
FUMAPEST Spider Identification Chart • Spiders in Pittwater Council region
  FUMAPEST Spider Identification Chart with FIRST AID spider bite procedures - a ready reference guide in full colour of dangerous and venomous spiders in the Pittwater region.
Spiders featured in the Spider Chart Sydney funnel web spider red-back spider white-tail spider black house spider wolf spider mouse spider trap-door spider huntsman spider orb-weaver spider.
CLICK to view and print the FUMAPEST Spider Chart
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